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Ch. Diehls We All Shine On

Pahlewi is my cattery name and my name is Elke Deutschmann. It is and has always been my aim,to breed healthy silver and golden cats with beautiful eye colour and nice open look.

The following pages are made to give cat lovers a chance to see photos of my cats and cats of my  breeding   in full colour..I also ad photos of some Pieces of Art that I find worth to be shown to all cat loving people.     Klick at: - Cats go Art - to see them.

Klick at Cats go Wild, to see some Pieces of Art, made by Nature. We have been able to visit them in a Monastery in Thailand. These Tigers are in danger of dying out as many other animals and are raised and bred on the vast ground of the Monastery with huge personal exertion of the Abbot Chan and the Monks. 

By using .the Homepage of  Dr. Somchai: www.openworldthailand.com ,the supervise Veterinary over the Tigers,          

You also have a chance to help the Monastery with its Tigers by visiting them or send a donation to them.

If you do like to get more information about my cats, kittens or our visit of the Tiger-Monastery, send an  E-mail to:

You also may  phone:  201 - 77 48 94  fax: 201 - 79 08 77 or send a letter to: Elke Deutschmann - Pelmanstr. 38 - 45131 Essen - Germany -